Reaction: I never said yes-rape documentary on BCC3

I just watched a programme on BBC3 regarding rape and the attitudes and misconceptions surrounding the subject. Did anyone else see this? It’s part of the Criminal Britain series.

I found the programme very interesting and at the same time upsetting, because of the lack of convictions. I do however think that the programme could have spoken about sexual assault committed towards men and children too. This was not mentioned at all during the programme. However it did cover some very important key issues around negative attitudes towards women that have been victims of such a horrible crime, and the long and sometimes very difficult journey to get to perpetrator convicted.

As a crisis worker at a sexual assault referral centre I see first hand the negative effects it has on people and their families who have been in this situation. I have also seen the incredible amount of women who, despite this hideous crime being committed against them, go through the whole forensic examination and subsequent interviews and then are put off proceeding with their case often in part due to the incredibly low success rate of getting a conviction.

All these obstacles and often the fear of not being believed, even by the police (which was acknowledged in the programme), must be contributing to the increasing amount of sexual assaults and something needs to be done about it.

Did you watch it? If so what are your thoughts? Feel free to leave a comment or contact me via twitter @kismet_hypno


One thought on “Reaction: I never said yes-rape documentary on BCC3

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